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Custom tray icon in exe
How can i bring a icon (custom-icon) into the exe of the macro?
If i run it with QM i got no problem with AddTrayIcon "mouse.ico"
But if i run it as exe the icon is invisible. And i want to see a custom .ico file.

Ive searched the forum, but i cant find anything about that.
I also tried to bring a function into a exe, but i failed. :oops:

Would be cool if somebody can help me with that.
It is in Help, Make exe topic.

Add a resource id to the icon file path.
Also check 'Auto add files...' in Make Exe dialog.

Macro Macro1447
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AddTrayIcon ":100 $qm$\mouse.ico"
Thanks again Gintaras!

Lets see if i can handle it now. :lol:

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