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Macro help. On-screen picture trigger.
Hello is this possible to do with a macro? I would like to program one to react to color patterns on the monitor screen, for example if i had it to recognize a picture of a tree because of the color patterns, could i get the macro to trigger and do something when it sees that picture on my computer screen.

I know this sounds far fetched and you may need to use a 3rd party program designed to view the computer screen and send picture data somewhere to be later used to identify that same exact picture and then trigger a macro when that picture is present onscreen.

You see if this was possible, i could make it recognize pictures or frames of a video or even video games especially side scrolling ones, then have a macro trigger to control the character and play through a level by himself, So is this possible or would i have to look into c++ and build a program to do what i want??
QM has a "wait for image on screen" function. Look in floating toolbar -> windows, controls -> find image.
But it may be too slow to use as a trigger in games.
thanks ill look into it Smile

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