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Can QM create an FTP network connection?
Don't know how to add a FTP connection to $nethood$.
Windows creates a folder with target.lnk. For FTP, its target is ITEMIDLIST, not normal URL, and I don't know how to create it with QM.
Did not find API.

Can create url shortcut.
CreateInternetShortcut "$desktop$\test.url" ""
Desktop Internet Shortcut
But it will not be integrated with Windows Explorer. Probably will open in default web browser.

This function creates shortcut to a network folder. Cannot create for FTP.
Function CreateNetworkShortcut
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function $name $target

;Creates network shortcut in $nethood$ folder.
;Error if fails.

;CreateNetworkShortcut "test" "\\computer\sharedfolder"

str sd.expandpath(F"$NetHood$\{name}")
if(dir(sd 2)) del- sd
mkdir sd

;if flags&1 ;;FTP/HTTP. Does not work.
,;CreateInternetShortcut _s target
if(!CreateShortcut(F"{sd}\target.lnk" target)) end "failed. Probably invalid target"

str s=

err+ end _error

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