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i was wondering how to GetProp and SetProp to a window telling that the macro is running and time running on the prop and how to make the prop
bigger text / color of text / font of text....
SetProp(hwnd "x" 1)
if(!GetProp(hwnd "x"))
hid id(679 hwnd)
_s="Status: Offline"; _s.setwintext(id(679 hwnd))
hid- id(679 hwnd)
break; end
this is what i have so far and its not the best i would like a little more / quality
well i figured out how to do the setprop that was easy

str t="Mac On"
t.setwintext(id(6689 w1))
hid- id(6689 w1)

but what i was really trying to do was to make text show on the screen of were i want, say for example onto the desktop screen with blue text saying how long macro has been running and what macro is running say for example i have an auto close of messages from yahoo to say that macro is running like

Time: 0:00
Status: Running Auto Messenger Close"
Status: My Macro
Macro progress/status window
not exactly what i wanted i was looking more for something like

str e = "Status: Macro Running"
act e.setwintext(id(679 w1));err

something like that but a way to make the color different / text different and anyother things you can do with it , thanks Smile
Cannot make color different of a control in other program.
not trying to make color different in another program , its kinda like an onscreendisplay , but its a text

to show your own text of what you want it to say or show like

Status: Macro Running
Macro Type
Time: 0 :00 :00
My Macro

something like that , but its text that shows say i want it to show up on my desktop when i click run and then it pops up on desktop saying
just pretty much a wintext but i want it to change colors and size/font
Status: Macro Running
Type Of Macro Running
Time Running :00 :00 :00
*My Macro*
I think, function OnScreenDisplay is what you need.

Macro Macro1543
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str s=
;Status: Macro Running
;Macro Type
;Time: 0 :00 :00
;My Macro
OnScreenDisplay s -1 -1 -1 "" 10 0xff0000 8
well that is acually somthing neat i didn't know thanksWink

but its more like me setting a text onto another window like
str s= "Status: Macro Running:
act s.setwintext(id(6945 w1));err
;w1 would be me setting it to the window so i dont have to copy and paist it my w1 would goto w1=window1 and from that window1 would be the window its set to....
i feel stupid now cause you didnt think i knew the code i just need to know how to change size/font/color to the text
from quickmacros help

function $text [^_time] [x] [y] [$fname] [fsize] [fcolor] [flags] [$osdid] [bcolor] [wrapwidth] [$pictfile] ;;flags: 1 nontransparent, 2 synchronous, 4 click to hide, 8 hide when macro ends, 16 use raw x y, 32 place by the mouse, 64 tile pict, 128 pict size, 0x100 bold, 0x200 italic

Temporarily displays short text or/and picture on the screen.

text - text to display. Can be several lines.
_time - number of seconds to display the text. Default or 0: depends on text length. -1 is infinite.
x, y - text coordinates in screen. If flag 16 or 32 not used:
If < 0, relative to bottom/right of the work area.
If 0 (default), screen center.
If > 0, relative to the work area of the monitor where the text is displayed.
The text is displayed on the monitor specified by the _monitor variable.
fname, fsize, fcolor - font name, size (default 24) and color (default 0xff00).
flags - combination of these values:
1 - nontransparent.
2 - synchronous. Caller waits _time seconds until text disappears.
4 - the user can click to hide. The OSD is nontransparent.
8 (QM 2.2.1) - hide the text when the caller macro (thread) ends.
16 (QM 2.2.1) - use raw x and y, relative to the primary monitor. Negative and 0 x y don't have special meaning. _monitor variable is ignored. The function still ensures that all text is in the screen.
32 (QM 2.2.1) - place the text by the mouse pointer. x and y are offsets from the mouse pointer position. The functions ensures that the text is in the same monitor as the mouse pointer. _monitor variable is ignored.
64 (QM 2.3.0) - tile background picture.
128 (QM 2.3.0) - use size of picture, not of text.
0x100 (QM 2.3.2) - font bold.
0x200 (QM 2.3.2) - font italic.
osdid - some string that identifies the OSD window. If this OSD window still exists, displays text in it instead of creating new window. This improves performance when calling this function frequently. Also, later you can use win(osdid "QM_OSD_Class") to get OSD window handle.
bcolor - background color. Flag 1 also should be set, or the color will be transparent (which can be useful with picture).
wrapwidth (QM 2.2.0) - if >0, wraps long text lines at this width. Default or 0: screen width.
pictfile (QM 2.3.0) - background picture file (bmp, jpg, gif). You also should use flag 1 or a background color (bcolor) that is not part of the picture. Otherwise parts of the picture may be transparent.

OnScreenDisplay "Text"

OnScreenDisplay "Macro x is running." -1 0 -1 "Comic Sans MS" 0 0xff0000 8
mes 1

Dir d
foreach(d "$my pictures$\*" FE_Dir)
str sPath=d.FileName(1)
sel(sPath 3) case ["*.jpg","*.gif","*.bmp"] case else continue
OnScreenDisplay d.FileName 1.5 0 0 "Comic sans ms" 16 0xc0c0 128|1 "id" 0 0 sPath

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