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Timer Added In Dialog
i am having issues on getting this timer to work on the dialog all i'm using is a static text and this code to set the timer in the id

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int-- t0
sel message
,SendMessage id(3 hDlg) TBM_SETRANGE 0 MakeInt(40 58)
,SendMessage id(22 hDlg) TBM_SETRANGE 0 MakeInt(0 10)
,case WM_DESTROY goto g2
,case WM_COMMAND goto messages2
,case WM_TIMER
,case WM_HSCROLL ;;lParam is scrollbar handle

sel message
,int s(GetTickCount-t0/1000) m h
,m=s/60; s%60
,h=m/60; m%60
, g1
,_s.format("%02i:%02i:%02i" h m s); _s.setwintext(id(23 hDlg))
,case 20 ;;Stop
,KillTimer hDlg 1
,shutdown -6 0 ""; err
the issues i am having are when i click run timer button it just sets 00:00:00 on the static text and doesn't keep going 1 2 3 4 and on any help please let me know thanks :wink:
Thanks Gint

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