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sqlite in exe
Hi Gintaras,
I see that if you add the qmgrid.dll from QM folder into zip folder with exe, you can use grid control in exe. Is that the same for sqlite too? I know before you could not use sqlite in exe. My initial attempts were unsuccessful using sample_Grid_Sqlite -->

"Cannot make exe. Error 17, cannot save project settings (read-only?)."

Distributing with exe: Add sqlite3.dll to your setup file or zip. Extract to the exe folder.


This error is not related to sqlite. QM saves "Make Exe" dialog data in macro text or folder description. It must not be read-only. sample_Grid_Sqlite is in System, which is read-only.
Thanks. After copying into new dialog and adding qmgrid.dll and sqlite3.dll to target location, everything works great!!!!! You are such a miracle-worker!

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