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Forwarding input to a window
Hey all,

I was wondering if it was possible to forward input to a window without actually hijacking the mouse or keyboard. I'm looking to run a macro in the 'background' while doing other tasks, but all the clicking required nabs the focus away from the current task. Suggestions?

check out these functions, you will need to incorporate your own window names and id's

Macro Macro4
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but id(1 "Window Name") ;;1 will be the id of the button you need to click. "Window Name" will be the name of the parent window.

Macro Macro5
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_s="Text to enter";_s.setwintext(id(1 "Window Name")) ;;Same infor for this one, 1 is id, window name is the name of parent window

You will find these and many more functions of QM on the floating toolbar at the top of the QM window, check some things out and experiment.
Or install QM on a virtual PC and run the macro there.

Also it is possible to send keyboard and mouse messages to the window using function PostMessage, but it is quite difficult and not always works.

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