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Inserting Comment to Cell in Excel
Hi All,
Just starting to get into the Excel functions. I can do the basics (set cell, get cell, etc) but I would like to set a comment onto a specific cell. I am looking into the VB script in how to do this but not sure how to translate that into QMscript.

I am looking at this example and still confused:
Macro Macro
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;select range of cells
ExcelSheet es2.Init"A1:B2").Select
;save all files and close Excel
Excel.Workbook wb; foreach(wb ea.Workbooks) wb.Save

I see a ws.Comments option but not sure how to syntax it for a specific string insert and cell address.

Thanks for any help!

Macro Macro1548
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ExcelSheet es.Init"A1").AddComment("xxxxxxxxx")
Member function ExcelSheet.SetComment
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function $cell $text

;Adds or changes cell comment.

;cell - cell, such as "A1". Use "sel" for current selection.
;text - comment text.

;ExcelSheet es.Init
;es.SetComment("A2" "bbbbbb")

Excel.Range r
if(!StrCompareN(cell "sel" 3 1)) r=ws.Application.Selection
else r=ws.Range(cell)

err ;;error if comment already exists
,Excel.Comment c=r.Comment
Thanks!!!! Amazing as always!!!!
Hi Gintaras,
Thanks again for the Comment Insert function. Working more with the Excel function, I see the need for a function to convert column numbers (QM excel functions) to column names (for interaction with VB scripts refernces in QM). I looked around and found some examples on websites. I was able to almost convert one of the examples into QM but couldn't find a QM equivalent/import of Convert.ToChar

See examples at

Example code:
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private string GetExcelColumnName(int columnNumber)
    int dividend = columnNumber;
    string columnName = String.Empty;
    int modulo;

    while (dividend > 0)
        modulo = (dividend - 1) % 26;
        columnName = Convert.ToChar(65 + modulo).ToString() + columnName;
        dividend = (int)((dividend - modulo) / 26);

    return columnName;

Is this an easy thing to get into QM? This is not essential for my current project because I won't go beyond the first alphabet letters and I can manually map those but in the future, I can see the utility of this.

Thanks for any thoughts!
Lucas created function for it: Excel cell reference

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