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Hi Gintaras,
I have been having trouble with the RichEditHighlight function. I keep on getting the warning about definition changing for CHARFORMAT2W or CHARFORMAT2A. I think this is because I recently switched my default to be unicode text. I did as many of the conversion for specific functions with problematic text as seemed correct to do.
On most computers after a restart of QM (it asks to reload file or restart QM) everything is ok but on computer it keeps on happening and killing the dialog which calls RichEditHighlight. I am using
Any ideas about what the problem may be.
Thanks, Stuart
Look for definitions of CHARFORMAT2W, CHARFORMAT2A, CHARFORMAT2, CHARFORMATW, CHARFORMATA and CHARFORMAT in your macros. Delete all.
I had two fujctions where these definitions lived:

RichEditHighlight and RichEditHighlightAll

In those functions there existed these lines:

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type CHARFORMATA cbSize dwMask dwEffects yHeight yOffset crTextColor !bCharSet !bPitchAndFamily !szFaceName[LF_FACESIZE]
type CHARFORMAT2A :CHARFORMATA'v1 @wWeight @sSpacing crBackColor lcid dwReserved @sStyle @wKerning !bUnderlineType !bAnimation !bRevAuthor
type CHARFORMATW cbSize dwMask dwEffects yHeight yOffset crTextColor !bCharSet !bPitchAndFamily @szFaceName[LF_FACESIZE]
type CHARFORMAT2W :CHARFORMATW'v1 @wWeight @sSpacing crBackColor lcid dwReserved @sStyle @wKerning !bUnderlineType !bAnimation !bRevAuthor

I can just delete these and not worry about it? Are they defined in some new dll or some other update?
Can I still use the RichEditHighlight function which call on these types without those definitions?
Thanks so much for advice and explanation,

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