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SendKey to palemoon browser
i use palemoon instead of firefox and test with SendKey instead of key

Function f8sender
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,act win("* - Pale Moon" "MozillaWindowClass" "" 0x5)
,key CQ

the keystroke is Ctrl + Page Down ... ndows-tabs
in qm : key CQ

what is wrong with
Function f8sender
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,SendKey hwnd VK_CONTROL 1
,SendKey hwnd VK_NEXT
,SendKey hwnd VK_CONTROL    2

qm help says:
and before i make any further mistakes,
my idea is to use SendKey for sending same keystroke to my browser and can continue to work on other stuff.
when using key then i can't do any other work, so my hope is that SendKey can be used to fire same keystroke again and again to hwnd in background.
or is that not working at all?
Activate browser and run this
Macro Macro1587
Trigger F8     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
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int hwnd=child
outw hwnd
SendKey hwnd VK_CONTROL 1
SendKey hwnd VK_NEXT
SendKey hwnd VK_CONTROL 2

If it does not work, it will not work. If works, outw tells you to what window to send.
thanks. turns out that something is wrong with the way the programmer compiled palemoon.
i now use official firefox again.
Do you use this SendKey?

int m1 m2 lp=MapVirtualKey(vk 0)<<16|1 ;;should be Ex with HKL of hwnd, although probably nobody will use it
sel(vk) case [3,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,44,45,46,91,92,93,111,144,VK_RCONTROL,VK_RMENU] lp|0x1000000 ;;ek
if(flags&3|2) PostMessage hwnd WM_KEYDOWN vk lp
if(flags&3|1) PostMessage hwnd WM_KEYUP vk lp|0xC0000000

It does not support Ctrl Shift etc. Posts key messages, but does not set key state. Somewhere here should be better version, SendKeysToWindow.
need to adjust my scripts before testing. now using two firefox version (3.6 and 8.0), will give feedback soon.

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