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Trigonometry Functions in QM
Hi Gintaras,
I was wondering if Trigonometry functions (sine, cosign, tan, atn) were supported in QM. I see VB6 and updated .NET versions:
I don't see a lot of use of this for me in general but for one thing I am doing, I need to draw arrowheads on lines drawn with a mouse gesture (for horizontal and vertical "swipes", it's easy) but for any other oblique angle, I need a litle trig!
I found this resource that basically tells me how to go about it but it needs the trig functions

Unlike in the webpage, I am not interested necessarily in creating a general drawing function with specifiable arrowhead type/style etc., just appropriate simple line angles for my arrows reflecting the angle of the user's swipe.
Some functions are in math category.

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Reference and other functions: ... 71%29.aspx
This is phenomenal. I was confused at first because I didn't realize that these functions needed the angle to be entered in radians. Once I realized that, I used the sample functions in the QM help "Math functions from C run-time library" from the degrees to radians conversion and now everything works great.

for the conversion and now everything works great. Thanks so much!!!
ps note the type "converst" --> "converts" for double s

double angleDegrees=30

def PI 3.1415926535897932384626433832795

double s=sin(angleDegrees*PI/180) ;;converst degrees to radians and calculates sin
double a=asin(s)*180/PI ;;calculates arcsin and converts radians to degrees
out s
out a

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