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Multirow Delete in Grid
I seem to have come across a puzzler!
If I want to delete (multi-)selected rows from a grid, I first find out the selected rows using RowsSelectedGet and then loop then run through the array with a for-counter-loop of RowDelete delete statements for each element in the array that RowsSelectedGet filled.
BUT each time I delete a row, the row count changes!
Is there a way to delete all rows at once or do I have to put in an accounting factor for the row deletion into each turn of the for-counter-loop e.g. subtract the counter integer from the row number?
puzzle solved!
The loop counter subtraction works!

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ARRAY(int) arrintSelectedRowsForDelete
int TotalSelectedRowsForDelete = g0.RowsSelectedGet(arrintSelectedRowsForDelete)
for _i 0 TotalSelectedRowsForDelete
,g0.RowDelete(arrintSelectedRowsForDelete[_i]-_i);;need the counter correction since the row numbers change as the delete occurs each time

Is there a problem instance where this solution might cause an error?
When deleting multiple items from an array, grid etc, it's better to start from the end.

Function Dialog_grid_delete
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,case 4 ;;Delete
,ARRAY(int) a
,for i a.len-1 -1 -1

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