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Custom jump list (taskbar button/icon menu)
Macro JumpList help
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;Creates custom jump list.
;Works on Windows 7 and later.
;A jump list is the menu that you see when you right click a taskbar button or a pinned taskbar icon, also by a pinned Start Menu icon.
;If you run this in QM, it adds the jump list to the QM taskbar button or pinned icon. If in exe - to your exe's button/icon.

;At first call Begin.
;There are several types of categories in jump lists:
;1. Tasks. It is a predefined category name. To add items, call AddItem for each item, then call AddAsTasks.
;2. Custom categories. To add items, call AddItem for each item, then call AddAsCategory. Repeat this for aech category, if need multiple categories.
;3. Frequent and Recent. They are auto-generated categories. Use AppendKnownCategory.
;Finally call End.


#compile "__JumpList"
JumpList x
;create Tasks
x.AddItem("run me")
x.AddItem("run me with CL" "" "v")
x.AddItem("-") ;;separator
x.AddItem("Macro1668" "qmcl.exe" "M ''Macro1668''" "$qm$\macro.ico" "Runs Macro1668 in QM")
;create custom category Programs
x.AddItem("Notepad" "$system$\notepad.exe")
x.AddItem("Calculator" "$system$\calc.exe")
;create custom category Documents
x.AddItem("QM Help" "$qm$\qm2help.chm" "" "hh.exe")
;Append Frequent and Recent.

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