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QM shell menu triggers on 64-bit Windows, 32-bit programs
For QM 2.3.3 and older. Fixed in QM 2.3.4.

If you use QM shell menu triggers on 64-bit Windows, you can notice that it does not work in 32-bit programs, eg in file Open/Save dialogs or 32-bit file managers. It will be fixed in next QM. This macro will fix it for QM 2.3.3 and older versions.

Macro register 32 bit QM shell menu extension dll on 64 bit Windows
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if(QMVER>=0x2030400) end "don't need this for this QM version"
if(!_win64) end "this is for 64-bit Windows"
if(!IsUserAdmin) end "QM must be admin"

str sf.format("$qm$\ver 0x%x\qmshex32.dll" QMVER)
cop "$qm$\qmshlex.dll" sf

str sk="CLSID\{C00E2DB5-3AF8-45a6-98CB-73FCDE00AC5B}\InprocServer32"
rset sf "" sk HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
rset "Apartment" "ThreadingModel" sk HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
;info: in this key is registered the 64-bit dll, but when we call rset from a 32-bit program, Windows redirects to the 32-bit CLSID key version.

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