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QM Help pdf. Convert chm to pdf.
QM Help file in pdf format.
If you need QM Help pdf for other QM version, you can create it, see next post.

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.zip   QM Help (Size: 2.5 MB / Downloads: 11,937)
Macro to convert chm to pdf.

Uses wkhtmltopdf. It is in the zip file too.

Unzip to the QM folder. It creates folder "pdf", containing file "Create QM Help pdf.qml" and folder "wkhtmltopdf". Run the file, click Import. Run the imported macro.

2019-03-11 - fixed bug: no topic numbers in the table of contents.

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.zip (Size: 8.12 MB / Downloads: 996)
Hello, I have converted CHM to a PDF file, then I want to print it, but the CONTENTS of the PDF file does not display the page number. Can you guide me how to generate the page number? thank you very much Smile

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In the macro there are two cl=F"''{wkhtmltopdfDir}... lines. The first is disabled. Enable the first and disable the second.
Thank you for your reminder Smile

I found a problem. The page number hint in the entire document is wrong. This function is very useful for printing documents. How to fix it? Huh  I haven't printed the document yet, because the prompt page number of the link is wrong.  Thanks in advance   Smile

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If CONTENTS can keep indented, it's even better.

Can I convert to Docx format? I want to translate it, Docx format editing is more convenient  Smile

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Also remove flag 1 in these lines.

QMPDF_GetHtmlFiles htmlDir cl aFiles
QMPDF_ProcessFiles htmlDir aFiles

Both formats are not perfect. I cannot make better.

The "Create QM Help pdf" macro temporarily converts the .chm file into many .htm files. You can try to find some tool that converts html to docx. I cannot help.
After deleting parameter 1, the page number cannot be generated next to the link

I tried a lot of software and couldn’t display the page number next to the link.
Flag 1 generates topic numbers. Cannot generate page numbers.
To add topic numbers in the table of contents, in function QMPDF_GetHtmlFiles replace

toc.replacerx(F"<LI><a href=''{_s}''>" F"$0 {i+1}. " 1)


toc.replacerx(F"<LI><a href=''\Q{_s}\E#top''>" F"$0 {i+1}. " 1)

Actually it is a bug fix.

And restore macro "Create QM Help pdf".
I will update the downloadable files soon.
Ok, thanks, I am waiting for the update. Heart

In front of each title, adding a number is great, it is very convenient to find, please see the picture below

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Updated the pdf in the first post and the macro/functions in the second post.
Now the pdf contents contains topic numbers. Links and pages too.
Cannot add page numbers; instead use topic numbers to navigate.
Hello, I have a new feature request. In fact, this feature exists in many software.

When I press F1, I can use the browser to open the online help page of the function where the cursor is located. Many browsers have translation plugins. I can view the translated documents directly in the browser, which is not good for English reading. For people, it’s too convenient.

If possible, I recommend being able to implement it because QM has an online help page

add an option to the Tools → option, use online help, or local help.  Idea

Thank you very much, my English is not very good, I really need this feature. Smile
I need to change the font size of all the text in the document, the magnification is 120%, I set the parameter double zoom=1.5 but did not achieve the desired effect, can you guide me, which parameter to change? thank you very much!
zoom is a command line parameter of wkhtmltopdf.exe. With QM Help it works.

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