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OCX issue
I used to use NETCommOCX to allow QM to interface with serial ports, but it doesn’t work with Windows 7. I found another handy OCX called StrokeReader, but I can’t get it to work in QM. The Excel VBA example from the website works fine, but I get “Error (RT) in ConfigSerPort: 0x8000FFFF, Catastrophic failure. ?” when I try to set or read any property using QM. Any ideas?

VBA example

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;typelib SerPort "C:\Program Files\StrokeReader\StrokeReader64.ocx" ;;put in init2 after testing
SerPort.StrokeReader c._create ;;works
c._setevents("c__DStrokeReaderEvents") ;;works

;c.Connected=t ;;fails
;c.Port=5 ;;fails
;c.BaudRate=9600 ;;fails
;c.Version ;;fails
Matt B
Try to create it as an ActiveX control in a dialog. ActiveX controls usually don't work with _create.
Yes! That worked! Thanks!
Matt B

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