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QM Weather App
Can be opened, the speed is good   Smile

Can be opened, the speed is good
Hi, I love this app. However, I am really new to all this. Opening and importing the app made me loose all my other macros. Importing them again does not work.
The message is - read only- even if I move this to - my Qm- in Docs.
Any advice?
Hi  i'm sorry that file is a read only file it cannot be modified or added to.Your other macros and functions that you created are still there. They are just in another QM file. if you check files recent files you will find the file with the macros/functions you created. i will see if i still have a version that isn't read only around and upload it soon.
Thank You. I can see my other macros now. Running smoothly on win 10.
Hi Kevin, me again.
Is it possible to run simultaneously the app and my other macros? If Weather App is active, my triggers for my macros are not working.
Thank you, 
sorry took a couple days but i managed to find a version that you can import into your existing qm file.
Import this into your  existing macro/function qm file(not existing qm weather app file) or load this and added your macro/functions to it.

.qml   QM Weather App.qml (Size: 101 KB / Downloads: 130)
WONDERFUL. Thank you, Kevin I live in London, so your app literally makes my days.

I heard that github can upload resources for free.  Smile

Can put some pictures on it? Currently your software is still not available in China, github can be accessed in China

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