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working with buttons
I'm having trouble finding if a button is pressed within a floating toolbar (see file attached) I would like my macro to detect if the ruler is pushed, and if so click the button to deselect. If not pushed, then the macro does nothing. I first tried using control-specific actions:

but% child("" "AfxWnd80" win("Measurements" "#32770") 0x1)

For some reason, this command does nothing, as if the button is not recognized. I got around it by using accesible objects:

int w=win("Measurements" "#32770")
Acc b=acc("Measurements" "" w "#32770" "" 0x1001)
if (b.a)=84195512

The problem with this is that I don't seem to be able to find a condition that reliably detects whether the button is pressed.

Any pointers on how to approach this problem?

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In 'Find accessible object' dialog click Properties, there you'll find object state. Probably will be 'checked' or 'pressed'. Then you can use State and STATE_SYSTEM_CHECKED or STATE_SYSTEM_PRESSED, like this:

Thanks for your quick reply. The object property state says "focusable", see image below. In the code below, the PRESSED condition is never met:

int w=win("Measurements" "#32770")
Acc b=acc("Measurements" "" w "#32770" "" 0x1001)

I can't figure out how the program keeps track of the button being down.

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It seems buttons here are not accessible objects.

Other way - find image.

Works like a charm, thanks so much!

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