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WindowText capture control
How can i get all items including scrolled?
Can get only what the window draws when repainting it. Usually draws only visible text. To get all, need to scroll.
Any way to do it?
There is no universal and/or reliable way to scroll pages and get text items.
This code works with controls that have standard scroll bar.

Macro scroll and get window text
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int w=id(2202 _hwndqm) ;;QM list of items (tree view)
;int w=id(1023 win("QM - My Macros" "#32770")) ;;list
;int w=id(222 win("QM Help" "HH Parent")) ;;list 'Help Index Control'

WindowText wt.Init(w 0 WT_NOCHILDREN)

SCROLLINFO z.cbSize=sizeof(z); z.fMask=SIF_ALL
if(!GetScrollInfo(w SB_VERT &z) or z.nMax<=z.nMin) end "cannot scroll this control"
out "%i %i %i %i" z.nMin z.nMax z.nPos z.nPage
int pos0=z.nPos
SendMessage w WM_VSCROLL SB_TOP 0

,str s=wt.CaptureToString
,out s
,z.fMask=SIF_POS; GetScrollInfo(w SB_VERT &z); out "%i %i" z.nPos z.nPos+z.nPage
,if(z.nPos+z.nPage>=z.nMax) break
,;rep(z.nPage) SendMessage w WM_VSCROLL SB_LINEDOWN 0

;SetScrollPos(w SB_VERT pos0 1) ;;does not scroll, just sets scrollbar position. Did not test SetScrollInfo, probably the same.
;SendMessage w WM_VSCROLL MakeInt(SB_THUMBPOSITION pos0) 0 ;;works only with some controls
SendMessage w WM_VSCROLL SB_TOP 0

;All the API functions and WM_VSCROLL message are documented in MSDN Library.

;This code has several problems:
;1. Works only if the control has standard scroll bar. Can be modified to work with controls that use a separate ScrollBar control like Word 2003; it's rarely used.
;2. Gets duplicate text items in last page. Maybe, it is possible to avoid it, eg calculate RECT, or try to change scroll range, it's difficult. In some controls also gets one or several duplicates in other pages; it also depends on window size, style, horz scrollbar...
;3. And possibly more problems.

;Or can use accessible object of scroll bar. Maybe would work with some nonstandard controls, but it is too limited.
;Acc a.Find(w "PUSHBUTTON" "Page down" "" 0x1031) ;;the sroll bar area that scrolls page down when clicked
;,if(a.State&STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE) break
Thank you very much.

but I was looking for something like:
TextCatch in Auto mode tries to get text of accessible objects. If fails, gets text like WindowText in QM.
It's possible to create such function in QM. Get all child accessible objects of the window or control, get their text and location, join texts. Quite much work. Also it will be too slow when the code is not injected into the process. I will not add this feature because in QM it is important to find/click/etc an object, and it is not important to get all text of a window/control.

Thanks for all.

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