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Move text UP in text box control
Currently text is appended below current text in a rich text box, from the top down. I see that MSDN library has scroll to caret method so you can start at the bottom of the text box and move the text UP.

Can I use EM_SCROLLCARET to achieve this in the dialog? If so, could I have an example? Currently I am using the following to output the text to the dialog

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SendMessage hDlg WM_APP 18 F"{CurrentNumber}"

Function _15_4_HOT
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int hwndControl=id(wParam hDlg)
,,    SendMessage hwndControl EM_SETSEL 1000000000 1000000000
,,    SendMessage hwndControl EM_REPLACESEL 0 F"{lParam%%s}[]"

Thanks kindly
Can use EM_SCROLLCARET and other similar messages like documented in MSDN. Probably at first need to move caret with EM_SETSEL. Then, if does not scroll automatically, send EM_SCROLLCARET.

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