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Moving a window within a window

I am defining the following windows

int BMCWindowNew=win("BMC Remedy User - Incident (New)")
int NewIncident=win("Incident (New)")

The NewIncident window resides within the BMCWindowNew. I need to reposition the NewIncident window to the upper left corner of the BMCWindowNew so a macro can click on the proper areas in the NewIncident window. I also need to resize the window to 1034 680 to insure the fields are located in the correct areas of the screen. So far, all I have been able to do is move the BMCWindowNew when I thought I was going to move the NewIncident window.

What would the command line(s) look like to move the window within a window.

A window within a window usually is a child window (control). Use function child() to find child windows.
mov moves a child window in its parent window (that may be a child window too). Specify coordinates relative to the client area of the parent.

int BMCWindowNew=win("BMC Remedy User - Incident (New)")
int NewIncident=child("Incident (New)" "" BMCWindowNew)
mov 0 0 NewIncident
siz 1034 680 NewIncident

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