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Type out contents copied from excel to proprietary software

I have to type out the stock# onto a proprietary softwware, simply because the copied contents (from excel) cannot be pasted on it.
So, if I copy the stock# from excel and it is avaiable on the clipboard, how do I make the computer type its contents out, one by one onto the proprietary software's text box?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,
Best Regards,
Macro Macro2108
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;get selected cells in Excel
ExcelSheet es.Init
ARRAY(str) a
es.CellsToArray(a "sel")

;type first selected column in Notepad
act "Notepad" ;;activate window
spe 20 ;;speed
int row
for row 0 a.len
,key (a[0 row]) Y ;;type cell and press Enter
Thanks again Gintaras.
One of the easiest language I have learnt thus far.
Very straight forward.
Best Regards,

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