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Could someone please help a newbie?
I am an accountant that purchase an external number pad with a space key. I would like to remap the space key to be tab. I would like this to work for the entire computer, but especially Excel if only one program is possible. The issue I'm having is that the space bar on my main keyboard needs to still be space.

I have been reading for a week and everything has completely gone over my head, so explain like I'm five. I have read about QM keyboard detector, but cannot find any more info than a couple of people saying they used it (whatever it is).

If you could just give me a quick step by step that would be AMAZING!

Step 1. Download
Step 2. Install QuickMacros (Yes, run QM when windows starts)
Step 3. Run QuickMacros
Step 4. In the list on the left hand side, note the "My First Macro"
Step 5. Click the big red RECORD button (Note, it's a red circle like a VCR and QM will disappear and is replaced by the "QM Recording Dialog" it will come back when you click "Insert" button *See next step)
*Step 6. Note the "QM Recording" dialog in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Step 7. Push the "Tab" key
Step 8. Click the "Insert" button on the "QM Recording" Dialog
Macro My First Macro
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;---- Recorded 8/22/2013 1:54:19 AM ----
int w1=act(win("Quick Macros Forum • Post a reply - Mozilla Firefox" "Mozilla*WindowClass" "" 0x4))
'T              ;; Tab
Step 9. Delete the line below:
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int w1=act(win("Quick Macros Forum • Post a reply - Mozilla Firefox" "Mozilla*WindowClass" "" 0x4))
(Note, your line will look slightly different)
Step 10. Right click on "My First Macro" and choose "Item Properties"
Step 11. In the "Trigger" tab, click on "Keyboard" from the list
Step 12. Push the spare key on your number pad (Should show up in the input box as "Num $#" is all is well)
NOTE: This can be a bit hairy if the spare key is odd. Never know for sure (That's why QM has a free 30 day demo + 15 )
Step 13. Avoid pressing any other keys and use the mouse to click "OK" on the "Properties" dialog

Enjoy your new mapped key.

Jim, it will remap the main Space key too.

At first try to remap the key using floating toolbar -> More Tools -> Customize Keyboard -> Remap Keys. But it may remap the main Space too.

If the above fails, try keyboard detector:
Using triggers with two or more keyboards and mouses
But I don't recommend using keyboard detector just to remap a single or several keys. Then you cannot use low level hooks and it means cannot use all possible hotkeys, and keyboard triggers will be less reliable.
If paying is an option, ATNSoft has a program that does that perfectly.

i'm trying to switch from their programs for a while, still can't use QM to replace them relialabely.
All my programs are snippets, no functional at all.

Sorry for the commercial point, but sometimes QM can't replace ALL programs for ALL purposes (or need more skilled
talents than mine to program them..)

I read original post as "spare key" and not "space key" on the external number pad.

I think the Keyboard_Detector is a good plan! If the original poster replies back, I'd be more than happy to do a step-by-step for downloading files,installing QM, and setting up the the macro. I've been on a instruction writing kick at work lately.
Jim, I am still here! If you could do the instruction that would be awesome!

To the other poster: I don't have an issue paying, I am looking into that program now. 90% of my job is in excel, so I purchased this keypad expecting that I could easily remap the key. This would seriously make my job easier. I am unsure why the manufacturer decided to make it a space key rather than tab. Almost all of the hundreds of keypads online that have an extra key make it tab. However, this is the only one with the tab key in a position that I think would be easiest. Most just stick it on the top. If anyone cares, here is a link to the keypad: ... and+keypad

Thanks for the help!!!
Also read SETUP/USAGE instructions in the download page.
1. Download and install QM (make sure QM runs at windows startup)
2. Download, open, and Import "Archive.qml"
3. Create new function "Tab" and put in following script:
Function Tab
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4. Create new function "init2" and put in following script:
Function init2
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mac "Keyboard_Detector"
5. With "init2" function open, run (file menu Run --> Run, Ctrl+R, or click blue arrow in menu bar)
Note: has to be run twice before the next dialog actually opens up.
Read text in "Keyboard Detector Help" macro for more information
6. Select "FF_Keyboard1" and press any key on the keyboard you wish to remap and click "Close"
Note: "Exit" will kill the "Keyboard_Detector" function which needs to be running at all times for all this to work.
7. In file menu Tools--> Options--> [ ] Keyboard in Use low-level hook (uncheck)
8. Open the "Tab" function created in step 3 and open the "Item Properties" (Right click on function or Ctrl+P)
9. Choose "Keyboard" from list on "Trigger" tab and click on the "FF..." button
10. Click into the "Hot-key" input box and press the space bar on your external keyboard and click "OK"

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