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Automating builds of *.exe in QM?
Hi -

I'd like to automate the builds of *.exe files in QM. I've built a primitive API to the source control system that we use (Vault) via the command line and I can check files out; now I just need to import them and generate the *.exe. I see two possibilities:
1) Use QM to automate QM and import the files, then use the compile dialog to create the *.exe
2) Create a macro list file and either use the compile dialog or somehow invoke the compiler programmatically.

I think I'd prefer #2 and have the compiler invoked programmatically.

The general idea is that a QA person will be doing the build and I would like to make this as automatic as possible. Is there a better way to do this?


I've done things in the past where when an exe runs it tries to communicated with a server online to see if there is an update, if yes, prompts the user and then downloads updated files which were other .exe files.

So then when I needed to update an exe, I would just compiled exe and function that uploaded new exe via FTP that ran after creating the exe in qm "Make exe" dialog.

So the initial .exe that runs is pretty much only there to check for an update and then launch the actual program in a second .exe. That way you don't run into problems with the downloaded .exe not being able to overwrite an .exe that is currently running.

Is the source code stored in text files? Then need to create function to convert to qml file. It's possible. Easier would be if source is in qml file. QM has functions to export/import macros to/from qml - SilenExport, SilentImport. Or can automate creating function(s) from text file(s) in QM (see newitem).

QM cannot create exe from an external file, need to import or load as shared file. SilentImport can do it. Possible problem - duplicate names of macros, functions, declarations.

When loaded, creating exe can be automated with a macro. It is easier if the main imported macro/function begins with
Macro Main exe function
Copy      Help
Then need just to open the main macro/function and Ctrl+click the Compile button
Macro Make exe from current macro
Trigger F9     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
'C{             ;; Ctrl+{
lef 54 10 id(2053 _hwndqm) 1 ;;tool bar, push button 'Compile    Ctrl+Shift+R[]Sh...'
'}              ;; }

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