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Some little things for code-editor-pane
  • Code collapse, I might have overlooked it but I couldn't find it. The user selects text and right clicks and selects "collapse" (or something like that) and code collapses and is re-viewable by clicking an "+" in de gutter where the line numbers are displayed. (example)

  • Code include, in stead of using functions one could simply use "include: [link to code] "(or something like that), it would treat the include like it was a part of calling macro itself. One could use this for example to declare the "header" of your code in a seperate part.
    For example the "#if exe ... " statement could be "seperated" from the code so the user has a bit more overview I try to use functions but it is not always the best option.

  • Comments in the form of balloon tips, this would give the user the option to display a balloon tip over the line that has a comment-balloon associated with it. The code that actually has the balloon-tip could marked up a bit differently (italic) with a balloon icon in the gutter (where the line numbers are). This could keep the code more "comment clean" while actually keeping comments in code, could be handy for heavy commenters.

  • Render all comments out of the code before compiling to exe. A checkbox like add-on in the dialog where you compile to exe. Maybe this is already done automatically? I may have overlooked it.
Thank you.

1. The code edit control supports it but in QM it is not implemented, because we don't have multiple functions in single editor, it would be not very useful. Some next QM version will support #region/#endregion to collapse code, and also probably will support child functions in text of main function.

2. #compile can be used for declarations, functions for run-time code. But yes, sometimes #include also would be useful.

3. Could be used 1 instead, but this is also interesting.

4. Source code and comments are not added to exe, unless need to add as text, eg if the function contains dialog definition.

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