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Macro doesn`t work fine if rep used

I`ve writen a macro that repeats several times. For first few times it works ok but then it mess up
At first i thought it`s a code mistake but if run macro by trigger every time with just single repetition it works great.

Maybe some memory gets overfilled or sth....

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sory, i decided to delete this code as it may lead to unecessary abuse of quickmacros policy (actually you could delete this post Gintars)
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;here comes rep 200

act w2


,czx = 0
,czy = 0
,cdox = 0
,cdoy = 0

,,for i 0 12
,,,if(scan(crafty[i] w2 0 1)) break ;;scan returns 1 if found, or 0 if not found
,,,if(i=13) out "not found crafty"
,,x = xm(p "Crafty-19.19" )
,,y = ym(p "Crafty-19.19" )

Please post the code full and normally formatted. Now you use tabs where not needed, and it makes the code hard to understand.

Use tabs only in code blocks that follow flow-control keywords: rep, for, foreach, if, ifa, ifi, ifk, iff, else, sel, err.

if(i=13) out "not found crafty"

replace to

if(i=12) out "not found crafty"
Can i have the full macro, it is very interesting

If someone did something similar for chess, please tell me more!


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