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News poster
This little macro is to replace blogger. It makes posting things into home pages pretty easy. After typing your text in any text editor (and if connected) with this, it will take about 2 seconds to post it on your web page. (with a system similiar to blogger and such)

You should start by reading the Help section.
i am sorry to say that, but this is no replacement for blogging.
to feed blog sites we need to implement the blogger API. ... mlrpc.html

for example my blog has categories and comments ...
Ok, I'm sorry for hasty claims. I've used blogger only a little and haven't had time to get to know it very well.

I meant the basic function: adding bunch of text to your web page and replacing the tags with time and stuff like that. (Which is enough for vast majority)

But, just a little php coding and you can easily use a comments system with this too.

Plus: This is cost-free and ad-free Wink

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