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14 Year Anniversary
14 years and still use it everyday at work!
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
My warmest congratulations to Quick Macros and Gintaras for this Anniversary. Many Happy Returns !
Happy anniversary, Ken!

I'm using QM every day, too. This is a wonderful tool, so thanks Gintaras for helping others.

2/3 of my scripts are written in QM and I use them not on a daily basis but very often.
Two useful things I've used with QM are:
1/ Have a generic toolbar with different sub-menus for quick access.
2/ Compile QM scripts into executable and use them as standalone tools or combine them with other tools like Batch, Auto-It, etc.

Thanks Gintaras for a wonderful script tool.
I'm looking forward for seeing new add-on features.

Best Regards,

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