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I am using acc command to find and click the links.

Is it possible for the macro to wait until the page is actually done loading?

At this point, I am only using wait command. Would like it go to faster, LOL.

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;open and wait until fully loads
web "" 0x1
;set search text and click Go button
Htm el=htm("INPUT" "qt" "" "" 0 5 0x221)
el.SetText("Quick Macros")
el=htm("INPUT" "searchGo" "" "" 0 6 0x121)
;wait for element "Results" max 60 seconds
el=htm("H1" "Results" "" "" 0 0 0x21 60)
;wait until fully loads
wait 0 I
mes "Done"

This macro demonstrates 3 methods of waiting for web page. First - use web to open page and wait. Second - use htm to wait for an element that does not exist in current page but exists in new page. Similarly can be used acc too. Third - use wait 0 I. Dialogs are available for all three methods.

In this case wait 0 I does not work if you place it immediately after el.Click. Reason - browser begins downloading the page not immediately. Of course, simple delay also could be used instead of htm.

If htm waits, why there also is used wait 0 I? Because when the element appears, the page is still not fully loaded.

You need Internet Explorer or compatible browser, and QM version 2.1.5 or later.

Glad I saw this, this has everything I need to go with my auto login.
Taking on Quick Macros one day at a time

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