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Cannot convert Version 1.3 macros
When I press the "convert V1.x macros" button and run it on my old V1.3 LIST.INI file, it says "CANNOT CONVERT". I have installed version 2.09 on 2 different computers and the convert function does not work on either. What have I done wrong? Grateful for help.
When you try to convert QM1 macro list file (List.ini) to
QM2 format, you may get "Can't convert" error.
Currently, conversion function has bug: if List.ini file
contains non-ASCII characters, it fails.

Now this bug is fixed, and zip file is updated.
Thanks for the quick response. The macro you sent me successfully created LIST2.INI as you explained. However, when I opened one of the old macros and then pressed SHIFT F8 the response was Error in CM_Main: unknown identifier. What next?

By the way, here in Norway we don't use the folder PROGRAM FILES. We use PROGRAMFILER. I changed that in your macro. I also run QM-2 under PROGRAMFILER.

The non ASCII characters that we use all the time here are Ø,Æ,Å. Will that be a problem with QM-2.09, which I have installed now?

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