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How to get a list of all AutoText files in the left pane
try this think this covers it all. OH By the way regex has been improved finds all autotext now.

Function Dialog_Edit_Autotext
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str s.getsel
QMITEM q; int i
ARRAY(str) atn
,i=qmitem(-i 1|16 &q 1)
,if(i=0) break
,if q.itype=4
str- sItems=atn

str dd=
;0 "" 0x90C80AC8 0x0 0 0 334 188 "Edit Existing AutoText"
;3 Edit 0x54030080 0x200 9 8 120 14 ""
;4 ListBox 0x54230101 0x200 9 22 120 157 ""
;5 Edit 0x54030080 0x200 145 8 174 14 ""
;6 ListBox 0x54230101 0x200 145 22 174 157 ""
;DIALOG EDITOR: "" 0x2040802 "*" "" "" ""

str controls = "3 4 5 6"
str e3 lb4 e5 lb6
if(!ShowDialog(dd &sub.DlgProc &controls)) ret

#sub DlgProc v
function# hDlg message wParam lParam
str- itemslb2
int- lb6lc
sel message
,SetProp id(3 hDlg) "wndproc" SubclassWindow((id(3 hDlg)) &sub.EditSubclassProc)
,SetProp id(5 hDlg) "wndproc" SubclassWindow((id(5 hDlg)) &sub.EditSubclassProc)
,RemoveProp id(3 hDlg) "wndproc"
,RemoveProp id(5 hDlg) "wndproc"    
,case WM_COMMAND goto messages2
,case WM_TIMER
,sel wParam
,,case 1
,,KillTimer hDlg wParam
,,int hlb=id(4 hDlg)
,,SendMessage hlb LB_RESETCONTENT 0 0
,,str s3 sEdit3.getwintext(id(3 hDlg))
,,foreach s3 sItems
,,,if(sEdit3.len and find(s3 sEdit3 0 1)<0) continue
,,,LB_Add hlb s3
,,int count=LB_GetCount(hlb)
,,if count=1
,,,LB_SelectItem(hlb 0)
,,case 2
,,KillTimer hDlg wParam
,,int hlb2a=id(6 hDlg)
,,SendMessage hlb2a LB_RESETCONTENT 0 0
,,str s5 sEdit5.getwintext(id(5 hDlg))
,,foreach s5 itemslb2
,,,if(sEdit5.len and find(s5 sEdit5 0 1)<0) continue
,,,LB_Add hlb2a s5
,,int count2=LB_GetCount(hlb2a)
,,if count2=1
,,,LB_SelectItem(hlb2a 0)    

int h=GetQmCodeEditor
int hlb2=id(6 hDlg) ;;list box 2
sel wParam
,case IDOK
,case EN_CHANGE<<16|3
,SetTimer hDlg 1 100 0
,case EN_CHANGE<<16|5
,str lb4ta
,_i=LB_SelectedItem(id(4 hDlg) lb4ta)
,if _i
,,dis+ lb4ta
,SetTimer hDlg 2 100 0    
,case LBN_SELCHANGE<<16|4
,str lb1si
,_i=LB_SelectedItem(lParam lb1si)
,,LB_SelectItem(lParam 0)
,,_i=LB_SelectedItem(lParam lb1si)
,str lb2ii 
,SendMessage(hlb2 LB_RESETCONTENT 0 0)
,itemslb2.findreplace(":sub." "     ")
,itemslb2.findreplace(";;" "     ")
,itemslb2.findreplace(":" "     ")
,foreach lb2ii itemslb2
,,LB_Add(hlb2 lb2ii)    
,case LBN_DBLCLK<<16|6
,str lb2t
,_i=LB_SelectedItem(lParam lb2t)
,,LB_SelectItem(lParam 0)
,,_i=LB_SelectedItem(lParam lb2t)
,int lb6ic=LB_GetCount(lParam)
,,ARRAY(str) b=itemslb2
,,for i 0 b.len
,,,if(StrCompare(b[i] lb2t)=0)
,LB_SelectedItem(id(4 hDlg)  _s)
,mac+ _s
,SendMessage(h SCI.SCI_GOTOLINE _i+1 0)
,int ii=findrx(lb2t "Sub." 0 1)
,if ii!=-1
,,int cp=SendMessage(h SCI.SCI_GETCURRENTPOS 0 0)
,,SendMessage(h SCI.SCI_GOTOPOS cp 0)
,sub.FlashCodeLine(_i+1 h)
,case EN_KILLFOCUS<<16|5
,str lb4tb
,_i=LB_SelectedItem(id(4 hDlg) lb4tb)
,if _i
,,dis- lb4tb
ret 1

#sub gotoitemedit
function~ ~name
str pattern="(?m)^(.+\:.+)"
_s.getmacro(name 0)
str ss d
int i
ARRAY(str) a
findrx(_s pattern 0 4 a)
for i 0 a.len
,d.formata("%s[]" a[0 i])
ret d.trim

#sub FlashCodeLine
function line hce
if(!hce) hce=GetQmCodeEditor
int indicator=9
SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_SETINDICATORCURRENT indicator 0)
SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_INDICSETALPHA indicator 100)
SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_INDICSETFORE indicator 0x00FF00)
SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_INDICSETUNDER indicator TRUE)
int lsp=SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_POSITIONFROMLINE line 0)
int lep=SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_GETLINEENDPOSITION line 0)
rep 4
,SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_INDICATORFILLRANGE lsp lep-lsp)
,SendMessage(hce SCI.SCI_INDICATORCLEARRANGE lsp lep-lsp)

#sub EditSubclassProc
function# hWnd message wParam lParam
int cid=GetDlgCtrlID(hWnd)
int Phwnd= GetParent(hWnd)
;OutWinMsg message wParam lParam
sel message
,sel wParam
,,case VK_RETURN
,case [WM_KEYDOWN]
,sel wParam ;;virtual key code
,,case VK_RETURN
,,;on enter in the edit box select the item in the list box
,,sel cid
,,,case 3
,,,SendMessage Phwnd WM_COMMAND LBN_SELCHANGE<<16|GetDlgCtrlID(id(4 Phwnd)) id(4 Phwnd)
,,,case 5
,,,SendMessage Phwnd WM_COMMAND LBN_DBLCLK<<16|GetDlgCtrlID(id(6 Phwnd)) id(6 Phwnd)
,,;relay these keys to the listbox and not to the edit box
,,sel cid
,,,case 3
,,,SendMessage id(4 Phwnd) message wParam lParam
,,,case 5
,,,SendMessage id(6 Phwnd) message wParam lParam            

int wndproc=GetProp(hWnd "wndproc"); if(!wndproc) ret
ret CallWindowProcW(wndproc hWnd message wParam lParam)

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