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cannot find accessible objects on other PC
I have 2 pcs almost identical operating systems and IE browser versions yet only 1 can find all the accessible objects on a web page the other just sees 2 large "blocks" of the screen using the drag tool.

I am baffled as the 2 machines are virtually identical?

Is there some setting I need to make in QM or on the machine so it sees the accessible objects in the web page.

Thank you in advance
Maybe IE process has higher UAC integrity level than QM, ie Administrator vs normal. But it is unlikely. Also try to turn off IE protected mode. Try HTML element functions.
Or maybe it is Edge, not IE. QM2 does not support Edge objects.
Thank you.

I noticed that 1 machine has only Internet Explorer on it and accessible objects work

The other machine has IE and Edge installed and accessible objects do not work so I guess you are right it maybe has something to do with Edge installation even though I am using IE with qm

Could not find any instructions how to remove Edge on windows 8.1...but I guess uninstalling Edge and then reinstalling IE may fix the problem.

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