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17 Year Anniversary
Big Grin 
Wow, just wow.  I've been using this app for 17 years!  What other app has even come close to that?  Even Firefox isn't even close to that kind of record for me.

This app is phenomenal Gintaras!  You've done an outstanding job keeping this app relevant, useful, and up to date.  And apparently, you now have QM3 on deck (I need to check back more often!).  I still make money with this app and it's still a critical part of my workstation setup. 

An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
I am in full agreement ! Quick Macros is a computer phenomenon. I have developed with it my own "Operating System" with particular emphasis to real time data acquisition. Many thanks and deep appreciation to Gintaras.
Same deal here! The very fabric and texture of my life as a physician/developer has been colored (day-in, day-out) by QM!!!!! Actually, I can say for 1000% certainty, I wouldn't have become a developer if not for QM!
Thanks Gintaras and also other folks like you on the forum!

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