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QM 2.4.11 beta

Per-monitor DPI aware on Windows 10. Some high-DPI improvements on older OS too.
Fixed several bugs.
In this version changed the way of keeping QM user toolbars on top of owner window. I suspect it causes this strange behavior that starts after some time (several hours to several days) of using Windows without restarting: when you try to activate a window, it becomes active (taskbar button highlighted) but not on top of other windows. Clicking the taskbar button several times usually brings it to top, but not always. Some windows OK, some not, randomly. Closing QM does not help, need to restart Windows. Please reply if you noticed this recently after installing this QM version. Possibly even previous version if in Options was checked "Attach toolbars less tightly".
Is there a place where I can download the previous version? Today BitDefender is deleting QM saying it has malware of type Gen:Variant.Bulz.353758.

I found I could download very old versions, but what about the last version before current, for example, or maybe the one before that?
Added link to download previous version.

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