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Toolbars and menu's placed on taskbar in 2.4.12 disappear underneath taskbar
In 2.4.12  toolbars and menu's which I use to have on the taskbar and which showed up in 2.4.11 on top of the taskbar (in all  desktops), now become hidden underneath the taskbar. To test I reverted to 2.4.11 and here they show on top of the taskbar again (in all virtual desktops as well). Not sure if this is a bug.
Not sure I can reproduce it.

Tested on Windows 10, current version. Toolbar1 - attached to taskbar. Toolbar2 - not attached.

At first tested with QM Options -> Run as = Administrator. It is default.
- Toolbar1 always on top of taskbar; when taskbar clicked, briefly not on top. It is normal.
- Toolbar2 not on top after taskbar clicked. It is normal. Then right click toolbar and check "On top of topmost windows". Climbs on top after several seconds. It is normal.

Then tested with QM Options -> Run as = uiAccess.
- Toolbar2 always on top, even when taskbar clicked. I guess it is how was in previous QM versions. But actually it isn't normal. It is just one of Windows bugs or undocumented features.

In previous QM versions, when selected Run as Administrator, QM actually is Administrator + uiAccess. And Windows in some cases works differently when with uiAccess. In most cases it is undocumented. In QM 2.4.12, when selected Run as Administrator, it is Administrator without uiAccess. Because Windows has too many problems with uiAccess.
Thnx for elucidating the matter. Indeed like you say, until and including 2.4.11, I was used to always have it on top of the taskbar (and in all virtual desktops taskbar as well), even when the taskbar was clicked.

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