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1000th Post!
I just realized this will make my 1000th post on Quick Macros forum.

I've been using QM for 13 years now. It is easily my go-to syntax for scripting things quickly. When I use other languages, I wish they could be more like QM!

It's funny that I started programming by completely by accident through necessity.

I found this little X-Keys programable keyboard laying around at the place I worked. I was able to record of keystrokes to help me speed up data entry. After using that piece of hardware for months, I got tired of always having to reprogram the keys with current dates at the beginning of every shift. Plus a couple times it got reset and I had to start over.

I figured there had to be a software solution that did the same thing as the hardware. At the time I didn't even have the language to use to Google what I was looking for. Through some research I learned the term, "Keyboard Macro" and tried out only one piece of software before finding Quick Macros 2. I think what really sold me on the software was the generous trial period and the active forum.

Prior to starting with QM, I had never purchased any software, nor had I belonged to a forum! So many firsts. I'll never forget the first time it ran a macro that was, mes "Hello" and a QM Message popped up that said "Hello." I felt like if I could pop up a message like that, I could finally make computers do anything I wanted them to do. I felt like I was elevated from being an end-user and given some sort of super power. I probably spent 20 minutes making the computer pop up silly messages and playing with ways to manipulate the title and buttons of those messages.

I didn't even have to think twice about whether or not the program was worth the money and gladly paid the $40 being charged at the time. I have bought several other copies for different jobs I've worked at and have felt like the license fee is worth every penny (even at the current $60)! I will continue to purchase licenses anytime I need them as long as they are available.

Over the years, Gintaras has been an amazing asset and teacher, always leading by pure example. He has taken time to reply to nearly every question I've ever had within a day or two. His examples are always on point with a deep understanding that is so intuitive, I've never seen anything else like it! When Gintaras didn't reply, someone else here on the forum got me the answer I needed (usually a bit more janky than what Gintaras would have provided, but nonetheless, got me pointed in the right direction Wink

No where else on the entire internet have I ever been able to find a human being as reliable as Gintaras. No where else on the internet have I found a community that is as reliable as this one. There was one time the forum was down, and I thought it might disappear forever. I felt like I had lost something deep inside me and I'd be lurking around in the dark the next time I had a real question that had me stumped. I was so relieved when things came back on line.

Someday, I'd like to meetup with all the power users and just talk about how great QM2 is! I'd like to shake Gintaras' hand and say, "Thank you!"

Thanks for everything so far!
-Jimmy Vig
Man I just came across this.  Can't even say how close this mirrored my journey with QM!
Next February will be my 20th year using QM and being part of this community.  Can't agree more with your below statement.
Quote:No where else on the entire internet have I ever been able to find a human being as reliable as Gintaras.

This application was the reason I didn't go MAC back a long time ago (well, that and I don't like being told how I can use MY computer).  And there's never been a day that this thing hasn't my my worklife infinitely easier.  From: TS Menu; to boiler plate text replies; to OnScreenDisplay clock with date/day unread email count and current project being timed; oh, and project timers. Smile

I too got a X-key Pro (great for trash talk in Halo) but soon talked Gintaras into creating the filter functions for dual keyboards so I could use any old one at work.

A 20+ year old tool is rare in the PC world but I can't think of one outside of Microsoft that is still useful.

Congrats on 1,000 Jimmy!  Sorry, I was so late  Sad
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

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