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unknown member
Hi, I encountered a bug when declaring a COM object if I write "WinHttp.WinHttpRequest r._create" and in the next line I tipe ".r" I will receive an error that "_create" is an unknown member and it back to work after restarting QM.
I recorded a video trying to simulate the bug(sorry about the quality):
Macro 1
WinHttp.WinHttpRequest r._create
Thank you. But I can't reproduce it, and therefore can't fix. Probably depends on other code that runs before. Maybe you can give more info that can help to reproduce this bug.
It gives the error just after opening QM, if the code is already on QM when it starts will works without bug, when you declare any COM object if you put a dot on the next line that object will not work anymore until you restart. The bug only occurres if you start to type ".WinHtt" and select it from the list that shows, if you type directly without the dot works fine.
Heres another video simulation with and without putting a dot.
Still can't reproduce.
Can you post the typelib declarations? Are they in function init2?
Here but I declared the typelib in the same macro and run before start to type.
typelib WinHttp {662901FC-6951-4854-9EB2-D9A2570F2B2E} 5.1
typelib Chilkat_v9_5_0 {004CB902-F437-4D01-BD85-9E18836DA5C2} 1.0

WinHttp.WinHttpRequest r._create
Chilkat_v9_5_0.ChilkatAsn c._create

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