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Macro stops at nettwork password window and wont go further
I worked til 2AM last night installing QM2 on all the computers at school. The first day at school for students begins on Monday so I have a lot to do there today. The administration of the network takes a LOT of time. That's why I'm trying to use QM to automate and speed up a number of tasks. I want to be able to do everything from my PC on the LAN like:

- transferring files and folders to all other computers on LAN
- installing new programs
- turning on all the VNC servers on the other computers
- etc....

Obviously I need a listenning port on each computer so that I can remotely run programs or macros inside each PC. I am a beginner with servers and clients. I have found a free program called Poweroff which I have running on all PCs which listens on a port. With that program I can remotely run any EXE or BAT file separately on every PC. I plan to use a BAT file to run locally saved QM2 macros. That is my plan. Probably not the best way. But I hope it will work.

I have written 20 long macros in V1.3 which have worked quite well. They are all now fully converted. But last night I got really stuck on 2 simple problems.

The following works well on V1.3

run \\Kiwi\C

But the same does not work on V2.09

run "\\Kiwi\C"
key "password"
key Y

When the network password window opens, the macro still shows red, but just gets stuck. The password is not typed in by QM2. I have to type it in myself, and then the macro goes further. How do I get around this.

The second problem:

I have a folder with 13 shortcuts to open VNC viewers for all 13 computers. With V1.3 I opened them with the following:

spe 500
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\banan.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Jordbær.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Morell.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Pære.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Drue.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Fersken.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Bjørnebær.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Sitron.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Eple.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Lime.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Kiwi.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Presterom.vnc
run c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Admin.vnc

These opened quickly as expected with 500 ms between each

Why does the following on V2.09 run SO SLOW? It takes around 8 seconds between each window!!! It took just as long when I tried it on another PC.

spe 500
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\banan.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Jordbær.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Morell.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Pære.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Drue.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Fersken.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Bjørnebær.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Sitron.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Eple.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Lime.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Kiwi.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Presterom.vnc"
run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\Admin.vnc"

I was forced to write the following instead which works 100 times faster!!

run "c:\windows\Skrivebord\vnc\"
key Ca
key Y

Grateful for help today if possible.
Can V1.3, if it is open, affect the running of V2.09?
If either is disabled or does not have same triggers, QM1 and QM2 should not conflict.

QM 209 run command waits for input idle. It should improve macro reliability, but now I see that it was mistake. This feature will be removed in next versions.

Try this function instead of run. Let function's name is Run. Replace all non-working instances of run to Run.

Copy      Help
function ~file [$params] [$verb] [~workdir] [showcmd]

dll# shell32.dll ShellExecute hWnd $lpOperation $lpFile $lpParameters $lpDirectory nShowCmd

if(!len(params)) params=0
if(!len(verb)) verb=0
if(workdir.len) workdir.all
if(showcmd=0) showcmd=SW_NORMAL

if(ShellExecute(0 verb file params workdir showcmd)<=32) end "cannot run"

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