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quick howto: DBXCLI (dropbox commandline)
You can use DBXCLI to interact with your dropbox account using command line.
You can do the basic things: listing, copying,....etc...

Download DBXLCI:
In the above githubpage, see at the rightside 'Releases'-link, click on it and download the "dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe"

German tutorial which explains the below steps + some other things.
I couldn't find an english tutorial which explains it like the german tutorial.

Below I explained how to setup and use DBXCLI, replace c:\test with your location where you saved dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe

Download the correct exe and place it in an folder.
"dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe" downloaded in "c:\test"

In cmd run:
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c:\test\dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe account

A response prompt will appears explaining 3 short steps, follow these 3 short steps.
In short:
- First in browser login into your dropbox account, then copy url from the cmd response prompt, paste in browser.
- Copy the response 'authorization code' from browser window into cmd window then press [ENTER]

After you have pressed [ENTER] in step 2, you will see response  which should be 6 lines (Account Id, Account Type,....)
If you see "Paired Account: false" then that's correct.
You are done!
Type the following command to test (list root items):
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c:\test\dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe -ls

Normally would add an path after -ls to show the contents of that path.
But the path is excluded so it shows the contents from the root.
See below for an example where you show the contents of an specific path.


To show basic help info (shows all available commands: ls, cp, du,....etc..)
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To show help about an specific command, for example show more info regarding the 'ls' command
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c:\test\dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe ls --help

Output Long listing (filesize, revision,...)
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c:\test\dbxcli-windows-amd64.exe -ls -1 /Apps/Testapp

/Apps/Testapp =  the folder I want to list  (It is from the root, meaning 'Apps' resides in the root and dont forget the beginning forward slash)

It seems DBXCLI stores account/access info in:
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\.config   ===> ALSO NOTE THE DOT !!!
Also you might need to use double quotes for paths with spaces, haven't tested this yet.

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