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ComboBox Items from enum
I've found a few generic articles on binding a ComboBox to an enum, but I'm a bit stuck on trying to implement this.  Is there a way in wpfBuilder to call Add().Items() with an enum as a parameter?  I'm already using the enums for building out the rest of the data structure, so it'll save me quite a bit of copy/paste if I can do this.

C# code:
// script ""
using System.Windows.Controls;

var b = new wpfBuilder("Window").WinSize(400);
b.R.Add("Combo", out ComboBox combo1).Items(typeof(DayOfWeek).GetEnumValues());
if (!b.ShowDialog()) return;;

I knew it had to be simple.

I just discovered this is even cooler than I thought... the return type of SelectedValue is actually the enum itself too.  So no enum.Parse or enum.TryParse needed!  Woot!

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