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nuget Currently unavailable?
What are the conditions required to use nuguet? 
I don't currently have visual studio installed

The NuGet tool is here: menu -> Tools -> NuGet. It requires .NET 6 SDK. If not installed, the dialog will display red text. Installing is easy, but the file is big.
Thanks for the reminder

.NET 6 SDK and visual studio2022 was too big and I found a software linqpad
It is small in size and can be debugged step by step, and using nuget, but encountered an error

I've added a reference to the Au.dll and AuCpp.dll 
But, The following Uiscripter code, which works well and has no errors

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var b = new wpfBuilder("Window").WinSize(400, 400);
b.R.AddButton("Button", _ => _Osd("Hello C#"));
#if WPF_PREVIEW //menu Edit -> View -> WPF preview
if (!b.ShowDialog()) return;
//, combo1.SelectedIndex, c1.IsChecked == true);

void _Osd(string text)
osdText.showText(text, 1, PopupXY.In(b.Window.Hwnd().Rect));
For Linqpad need SDK too, if you want to use NuGet.
To debug Uiscripter scripts in step mode can be used VSCode, it's much smaller than Visual Studio.
AuCpp.dll is a native code dll used by Au.dll. It should be in subfolder "64" relative to Au.dll.
sorry, My English is not good, please see the demo below
If solve the error problem, it would be great, Linqpad also supports the command line, can use Nuget without installing the SDK, and I can mix C# code snippets and Uiscripter snippets Smile
Linqpad compiles the script to a temporary assembly somewhere in
and also copies Au.dll there, but does not copy AuCpp.dll.

Add environment variable
Au.Path=original Au.dll folder path
I don't quite understand how to operate, Huh using the following method does not work

System.Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("Au", @"C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\");
The variable name is

Set it in the Windows settings dialog "Environment variables". Example:
C:\Program Files\Uiscripter

Then restart or reset Linqpad.
Now works well, thanks again for your help
Gintaras, do you plan on adding debugging capability to C# Uiscripter? I hope you do, because that would be very powerful. Anyway, keep up the great work.
Yes, in the future, but don't know when. Now can be used Visual Studio or VSCode debuggers, and attaching them can be automated.

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