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about QM3 Some suggestions
Quote:Sometimes there are black borders visible on the right and bottom sides of the panel, as shown in the screenshot below.
I can't reproduce and fix it. Maybe depends on hardware.
Quote:Is there a command similar to a soft restart like QM(shutdown -2)?
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// script ""
/*/ role editorExtension; testInternal Au.Editor; r Au.Editor.dll; /*/
In the new version of LA, when using F2 for renaming, the input method's suggestion text is not positioned below the cursor insertion point but rather at the top-left corner of the screen.

Will be fixed, thank you.

Quote:When debugging, automatically hide the panel on the right temporarily, as indicated by the red rectangle in the following image.

Maybe will add "panel events" options like "When showing/hiding panel P1, hide/show panels P3, P5...".
The translated file comes from the following link. Previous versions were located in the installation folder of LA. Most of the text I translated is comments in the code, as shown in the figure below.
In next LA a script that can intercept and replace recipe text. Example:

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// script ""
/*/ role editorExtension; testInternal Au.Editor; r Au.Editor.dll; /*/

EditorExtension.WindowReady += () => {
    Panels.Recipe.OpeningRecipe = e => {; //recipe name; //recipe parts (text, code, text, code...)

I tested it with Google Translate. The script works well, translates almost instantly. However the translation quality is bad. Many words are translated incorrectly. ChatGPT just slightly better.
I tried using chatGPT for translation, and the results were excellent.
Machine translation may have some errors, manually correct them when errors are found.
Idea If there is a folder with the same name as cookbook.db in the installation directory, the articles in that folder will be prioritized for display in LA.
In LA 1.1 already possible to intercept and replace cookbook recipe text.

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