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LA portable? + Can run next to QM2
Can LA be made to run portable in the future? Or is this already possible?
I tried it and it seems to run portable but I don't know if this is an correct assumption.
A while ago I tried an early version on windows 10 which needed an external component (don't remember what it was, a 'visual redistributable'?)
But now I am running windows 11 and it doesn't ask for anything, so I assume it's already in windows 11 (22H2)?

Can QM2 and LA run at the same time?
Again, I also tried this and I had no issues, but maybe I made wrong assumption.
1. Probably next version. Now it can run without installing, but it uses Documents etc folders and there is no way to change it.

2. Yes.
about 1

The processing logic of the linqpad software is like this: 
Use it if  queries|Snippets folder exists in the same folder as the executable, otherwise use the Documents\LINQPad Queries\queries|Snippets folder
LA 0.12 can run portable.
Menu Tools -> Portable.

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