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@Gintaras, The future of LA?
Could you give an indication of how the future of LA will look like?

Are you able to keep supporting LA in the future? Because there is no income now for you regarding LA.
(and with all Geo-political events going on right now)

QM was a purchased software product, but LA aims to be free and open source.
Or is it the plan that the public will continue to develop/update LA in the (far) future?

Or maybe you will/could come up with a paid support system, or expanded version of LA?
I'm just guessing here and I do not meant to intrude in matters that are difficult to explain right now.

In any case, thanks you!
No plans to change the status quo. I hope to continue to develop and support LA as an open-source project for long time.
Ok, Thank you! (Especially for all the hard work you put into this!)

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