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How to export/import C# code to/from the forum
Importing from the forum to LibreAutomate (LA)

If the code is in a Code area:
Click the Copy link at the top-right of the code area. Then paste in LA in the code editor. If the code starts with a file type/name comment, LA will show a dialog and you can choose whether to create new file.

If the code is attached:
Click the attachment. When downloads, in the web browser right-click the file and select "Show in folder". Drag and drop the zip file to the Files panel in LA. It adds a folder with one or more files. If the folder contains single file, you can move the file elsewhere and delete the folder.

Exporting from LA to the forum

You can either copy-paste code directly in the post, or export to .zip file and attach to the post.

To copy-paste:
In LA use menu -> Edit -> Clipboard -> Copy forum code. It copies the selected or all code. Then simply paste in the post (don't use the Code button).

If all code was copied, it starts with a file type/name comment, which is used when importing to LA to ensure correct type and name of the imported file.

To export-attach:
Right-click the file or folder in the Files panel, and select "Export as zip". It prints a link; click it. Drag and drop the zip file to the post's Attachments area.

To post C# code copied in other programs can be used bbcode cs.

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