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Forum rules and tips
Before asking something

- Use the 'Find help, functions, tools' field in the QM window.

- Search the forum.

- If it's about Windows API, you can find API reference in MSDN Library. Also look in stackoverflow and other programming websites.

- Remember: Possibly installing the latest QM version will solve your problem.

In your post

- The Subject field is important. Only few of us will read your message if the subject says nothing (e.g., "need help”, “question”).

- Give enough information. For example, if the macro must work with certain window, need window name, program name, etc.

- Post your macro, or part of it. Copy using menu Edit -> Other formats -> Copy for QM Forum. Then simply paste here (don't use the Code button).


- Use email or personal messages only for something that cannot be posted in the forum for some reason.

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