Activate window, set focus


act [window] [flags]


Can be used as function:

int act([window] [flags])



window - window or child window.

flags (QM 2.3.2):

1 (QM 2.3.2) Not error if activates other window of same thread. Add this flag when act activates correct window but throws error after ~1 s.



If window is a top-level window, activates.

If window is a child window, activates its parent window and sets focus.

If window is omitted, activates previous window, as if you would press Alt+Tab.


If used as function, act activates window and returns window handle.


The speed depends on spe.


Error if fails to activate.



If act does not work properly, try to check "Disable Windows foreground lock feature" in Options.



act "Notepad" ;;activate "Notepad" window
act "+IEFrame" ;;activate window with class name "IEFrame"
act ;;activate next window
act win(100 200) ;;activate window from point (100, 200 pixels of the screen)
act id(142 "Calc") ;;activate (set focus) "Calc" child with id = 142