Syntax1 - play one of standard sounds

bee [sound]


Syntax2 - play wave file

bee[+] wavefile


Syntax3 - PC speaker

bee frequency duration



sound - one of standard Windows sounds that are specified in Control Panel.

0 (default) Default Beep.
1 Critical Stop (error).
2 Question. In latest Windows versions this sound is disabled by default.
3 Exclamation (warning).
4 Asterisk (information).

A simple beep. If the sound card is not available, the sound is generated using the speaker.

wavefile - sound file path.

frequency - frequency, 37 - 32767 Hz.

duration - duration, ms.



Default Play asynchronously (continue macro immediately).
+ Play synchronously (wait until sound stops).



Syntax2: Supported are only .wav files. If wavefile not found, plays default sound. If wavefile is "", stops currently playing sound.


Supports macro resources (QM 2.4.1) and exe resources (QM 2.3.4).


Note: By default bee does not wait until finished playing. In exe the sound stops as soon as exe process ends.


Syntax3: On Windows 7 uses soundcard instead. On Vista does not work. On older Windows, if there is no PC speaker, uses soundcard or does not work.


See also: Play (play audio file of any format).



bee ;;default sound
bee 1 ;;play one of default sounds (0 to 4)
bee "c:\m\moo.wav" ;;play file
bee "$windows$\Media\chimes.wav" ;;play file in Windows media folder
bee "" ;;stop sounds