Display text and variables in QM output


out expression



out formatstring ...


Syntax3 - clear output




expression - any expression (string, number, variable, etc).

formatstring - string with format fields, as with str.format. Cannot be variable.

... - variables or other values that will replace format fields in formatstring. Must be of intrinsic types.



Sends text to QM output. It is useful when debugging macros, learning/testing various functions, or to show information to the user when it is more appropriate than mesage box etc.


Mostly used format fields: %i integer, %s string, %1.6f double, %c character, %x hex int, %I64i long.


QM 2.3.0. Supports tags for colors, links, etc. To display text with tags, the text must begin with "<>".


See also: variables in strings, escaping special characters, mes (message box), ShowText (text box), OnScreenDisplay, RedirectQmOutput, ExeOutputWindow



 simple text:
out "text"

 2 lines:
out "Line1[]Line2"

 variable a:
int a = 10
out a

out a + b ;;sum of variables a and b

 Call function len and display its return value:
lpstr s = "String"
out len(s)

 variable i in decimal and j in hexadecimal:
out "%i 0x%X" i j

 same as above
out F"{i} 0x{j}"