Paste text


paste[+] expression



paste[+] formatstring ...


Syntax3 - the paste keyword is optional

"formatstring" ...



expression - any expression (string, number, variable, etc).

formatstring - string with format fields, as with str.format. Cannot be variable.

... - variables or other values that will replace format fields in formatstring. Must be of intrinsic types.



Default Paste through clipboard.

QM 2.3.3. Hybrid paste. If text is short, instead sends keys. Read more below.



The paste keyword added in QM 2.3.3. It is the same as outp, which can be used for backward compatibility.


paste stores text into the clipboard and sends keys Ctrl+V.


paste+ (hybrid paste) uses clipboard only if text length is >100 or contains new lines. Else instead sends keys, like key "text". Sends keys fast, as if with opt keysync 1, keychar 1, keymark 1, slowkeys 0.


In Options -> General you can set to use hybrid paste in menu, toolbar and autotext list items where paste is omitted (syntax3), like :"text".


If expression or formatstring is simple text in double quotes, keyword paste can be omitted (syntax3).


Restores previous clipboard content (text only), unless run-time option opt clip 1 is set.


In console windows uses different method to paste, because Ctrl+V does not work.


The speed depends on spe.


See also: str.setsel, str.getsel, str.getclip, str.setclip , key, variables in strings, escaping special characters, admin apps on Vista/7/8/10



paste "text" ;;paste simple text
"text" ;;the same
paste x ;;paste variable x
paste "%i[]" x ;;paste int variable x and new line
paste F"{x}[]" ;;paste variable x and new line